The Man That Can Project is built on the foundation of helping men overcome what’s holding them back from being the man they aspire to be. We believe there are 8 areas of life all men must master to achieve this.

Mental & Emotional Health | Partner & Love | Family & Friends | Growth & Spirituality | Career & Mission | Finances | Lifestyle 

Strong Men Of Value is a small group training program facilitated by Lachie Stuart at Function Well Gym, Newstead QLD. With each session capped at just 3 men, two different membership options available and prices starting at just $73/wk, this program is designed to give you exceptional value for money, incredible results and keep you motivated to train.

This program is about more than just fitness. You will be a part of a supportive community of like minded men, and will have access to the strategies we have used to help hundreds of men achieve life changing transformations.


Weekly Small Group Training Sessions

Weekly Wellbeing Check in

Monthly Men’s Huddle

Monthly Men’s Circle

Quarterly Goal Setting and Testing

Expert Fitness & Lifestyle Program


Upfront or Ongoing Options





*Function Well Membership Required*


“Having played Football, I know being around a bunch of likeminded men who want to improve always amplifies peoples results. Its part of the reason I signed up to Strong Men of Value. We all help keep each other accountable in and outside of the gym. This program will not only improve your bench press, it will improve all aspects of your life to ensure all 8 pillars are being worked upon.”
Matt Somers

“Nothing short of my highest recommendation for Lach Stuart and the Strong Man of Value program.
Not only has he furthered my drive and knowledge in learning more on the physical side of my life but also the mental. It’s crazy how dramatically one person/ program can shift your focus to wanting to understand your own mental state and eagerness to learn more continuously!
I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given by Lachie. The continuous check ins, comradely, goal setting and achievements have me the most in control of my life I have ever felt. I won’t be turning back on all the aspects of my life here on out, it’s now a routine that makes me happy and motivated moving forward in life.
Proud to call you my coach as well my mate! “

Tom Ielasi