The Man That Can Project Podcast

Opening up what’s really going through men’s minds by sharing real and raw conversations about life’s challenges and our way of thinking.

The man that can project is a global movement created to empower men so they can become the man they were meant to be by awakening who they truly are.I have an ultimate vision to help men overcome the mental and emotional challenges that hold them back. I believe that the cultural conditioning must be let go of for men to live an authentic life that gives them the freedom and happiness they desire.



join a community of growth minded men who are putting in the work and supporting each other to make massive change and momentum in their lives. You’ll experience genuine mateship, discover meaning and build muscle .


For men who want to live with more passion, purpose and build strength in the process. Join our community of motivated men working towards and achieving their health and fitness goals through small group training & performance coaching.


Identify exactly what’s holding you back, build your self confidence and breakthrough once and for all.  You’ll discover our step by step process that you can easily implement to achieve long lasting change.