Understand how to get the most out of yourself physically and mentally. Learn tools, protocols and guidelines to perform at your peak


Create purpose and direction. Learn how to live a fulfilled life and become a man of value


Identify, plan & act. Become a man in momentum by creating more results in your life


Trust, integrity & authenticity. Join a brotherhood that accept the man you are, empowers you to take life to the next level & holds you accountable to your new set standards



12 Week Men in Momentum Plan

Create a game plan for momentum in your life


Monthly Man of Value Tasks

Every month you will be given new tasks to step outside your comfort zone and challenge your perspective to help you become a man of value


Monthly Virtual Men’s Circle

Like a chat at the pub, without the beer. We’ll share experiences and discover new ways to overcome the challenges you are facing.  It’s an open forum where you can share “What made you come along to the event” or you don’t have to share at all you can just listen in

Private Facebook Community

Private group for insights, strategies & suggestions to take your life to the next level


Book Club

Each month you can participate in our monthly book club that aligns with growing in the 8 areas of life


Weekly Video Calls

Each Friday at 6am (AEST) you’ll have the opportunity to join us on our weekly virtual call to discuss the topic of the month


Men in Momentum Teams

You’ll be assigned a ‘Men in Momentum’ team of 10 who will old you accountable to the action steps & tasks you identified in your game plan. Being accountable to your goals will 10x your chances of achieving these


Exclusive Q&A's

You will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Q & A sessions with Lachie


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Lachie is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) & men’s breakthrough coach. He specialises in empowering men to take ownership of their lives once and for all.

In 2014 he drew the line in the sand and decided he had more to give than how he was currently living.

Since sharing his journey of change on social media it lead him to the coaching space.

In 2018 he founded The Man That Can Project as a way to continue spreading his message while creating a global community of men who are empowered to be their best self.

Through his work he has created a platform that has impacted thousands of men & has collaborated with industry leaders such as Lululemon Australia, Lifeline Australia, Full Spectrum Education, Braintap Technologies and more. 

4 reviews for Inner Circle Monthly Subscription

  1. Tom

    This has been invaluable for me. I’ve surrounded myself with like minded people and been given tools and advice to help me focus on being able to initiate real, positive change into my life.

  2. Matt Somers

    The inner circle is a fantastic extension to the programs offered by TMTCP.
    Being a business owner, at times it can feel quite lonely/isolating – The inner circle has been brilliant in connecting with like minded people who are on a path to grow and ultimately extend themselves.
    Its a family style brotherhood where everyone is opening to helping one another with an issue you maybe facing. A small investment for a fantastic return, its a non negotiable for me.

  3. David McQueen

    I have been working with Lachie & TMTCP since the start of the year when I attended a foundations workshop. The knock on effect from that weekend has been huge for me.

    I learnt a lot about myself and walked away knowing that it was the beginning of a journey that would put me on the right track to get the fulfilment I needed in life.

    The inner circle has given me an opportunity to continue with self development and been a huge resource for me in gaining understandings from other blokes. The men involved are open, honest and driven with a desire to turn up as their best selves everyday.

    The weekly calls and conversations held within the group keep me accountable and I feel everyone involved is committed to raising the bar in areas of their own life.

    Would strongly recommend this to anyone who has been thinking about improving the quality of their life. The first step is to take action.

    Get involved!!

  4. Stafford Shepherd (Shep)

    Hello guys just wanted to have a quick chat about the Inner Circle and The Man That Can Project. I can truly say that my life has changed by being involved with a group of men who are honest about what makes a man tick. The conversations are real and rewarding. I have learnt a lot from them. Change can only happen if you really want it. The Inner Circle provides the security for us to challenge ourselves but know we are supported. What I can at 59 years is unquestionably a better understanding of who I want to be. We are real blokes who want to stand up and be counted as men, partners, fathers and people who care about their community. If you want to challenge yourself and accept responsibility then join us. Lachie Stuart I’d a true inspiration.

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